Solar Project in Algeria

We’re excited to share that Africa Germany Consulting (AGC) has made significant progress in our partnership with the   *********  Algeria. Our team is actively developing a state-of-the-art 100MW Solar Power Plant. Stay tuned for more updates as we work towards a sustainable energy future for Algeria.


Our project aims to bolster Kenya’s pharmaceutical industry by focusing on the accessibility and affordability of ibuprofen, a vital painkiller. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, we’re working to streamline production, distribution, and awareness efforts to ensure that ibuprofen is readily available to all Kenyans, contributing to improved healthcare outcomes and overall well-being across the nation.


Our project centers on ensuring that glycerin adheres to stringent quality standards, meeting the criteria outlined in the European Pharmacopeia, British Pharmacopeia, United States Pharmacopeia, and Food Chemical Codex Standards. By meticulously aligning with these benchmarks, we guarantee the purity, safety, and efficacy of glycerin, facilitating its widespread utilization across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food production. Through rigorous quality control measures and compliance with internationally recognized standards, we aim to foster trust among consumers and stakeholders while enhancing the global reputation of glycerin as a premium-grade ingredient.

Powder Milk for Babies

Our project focuses on the reliable supply of powdered milk for babies to the United Nations (UN)